Visual Delight in home décor

SOFAS: Classy, cozy, cushioned

Sofas are a staple in most homes and can be conversation starters about the décor style of the place. They are like those arms spread across to hug you in their warmth and comfort, to binge on net series, catch a nap in the day or simply have a good time with friends and family.  Continue reading “SOFAS: Classy, cozy, cushioned”

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Home Design & Culture: an alliance

Can our culture contribute to the design of our homes? Can it reveal the story of who we are, how we live and why we are drawn to certain type of forms? Continue reading “Home Design & Culture: an alliance”

Her Home, Her Way

What makes ‘home sweet home’? It’s a reflection of our persona, passion and panache. A home is an echo of what we believe in, aspire for and live by. “A beautiful home is about a home that’s alive. A home that breathes, that talks, where you hear laughter.” – Shabnam Gupta; Interior designer, Shabnam Gupta Designs. Continue reading “Her Home, Her Way”

Architectural Journalism: Format and Framework

I had an opportunity to interact with 3rd year architecture students from Mumbai on the topic of Architectural Journalism. It was an epilogue to their elective for the semester. With two hours in hand I had to deliver a format and a framework of architectural writing that was lucid and could add value to their current frame of reference.

Continue reading “Architectural Journalism: Format and Framework”

ORIGAMI: Fluid, fertile & functional

It all started with a flat sheet of paper!

A few folds and whoosh…, a square piece of paper turns into a 3D object. We expound the journey of origami through design, detail and dexterity. Continue reading “ORIGAMI: Fluid, fertile & functional”

Book case, Étagère

Lets talk about étagère; its role in home styling, its design diversity and why we simply love it!

continue reading Continue reading “Book case, Étagère”

Details are not the details

The details are not the details, they make the design. eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. ~ Architect Charles Eames

Continue reading “Details are not the details”

Upholstered chairs

UPHOLSTERED CHAIRS make a space aesthetically intriguing. They are timeless and evolving constantly for wider interior styling options.

Continue reading “Upholstered chairs”

Beguiling Balconies

Balconies are arms that reach out to bring a slice of the sky into a home. They have been an overture to city narratives and popular literature. A balcony tiny or lavish, affords us a little wind below our wings, and makes an abode more coveted. Continue reading “Beguiling Balconies”

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Visual Delight in home décor


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