Balconies are arms that reach out to bring a slice of the sky into a home. They have been an overture to city narratives and popular literature. A balcony tiny or lavish, affords us a little wind below our wings, and makes an abode more coveted.continue reading….

Balconies work as an extension of the room they are attached to. Streaming common elements together create a flow between the indoors and outdoors.

Photo top left, Photo top right


Lightweight movable furniture, a stock up of cushions and accessories help to dress the space by the occasion and to suit the mood and personal style.

Photos clockwise staring from top left: Bright and comfortable, lightweight minimalistic,  tropical springtime, tiny cozy.


Enliven with lighting options while considering the utility of the space. Get a relaxed feel with softer lights or candles. To double up as a study or home office, a focused light like a pendent or a table lamp.

Photos clockwise starting from top left: charm with candles, bright focused light, utility lamps, indirect recessed mood-lights.


Privacy walls can feel constrictive, but they can be used creatively for a unique look and feel. Vertical gardens or planter boxes, are perfect to allow greenery in less space. Shelves or étagères with curios, plants and books add a personalized mien.

Photos clockwise from top left: étagères for display & storage, warmth with wood cladding, vertical greenery, panache with console tables & shelves.


Lack of privacy can be handled just as creatively. Intricate screens or creeper trellis, let in breeze and light and help add coziness to the space.

Photos clockwise from top left: wood headboards with artwork, ethnic vibes with bamboo mats, modern laser-cut metal screens, all-time favourite creeper trellis.


Create a visual delight in your own slice of sky; your balcony. Customise it with themes and  get access to options available online or offline.

Mood-board author’s own: Bohemian chic (all from Pepperfry); seater sofa, 2.planter shelf, 3.decorative mirror, 4.pendant light, 5.planter.
Mood-board author’s own: Eclectic (all from Fabfurnish); table, 2.all season chairs, 3.console table, 4.embellished mirror, 5.elephant planter, 6.metal decor, 7.large planter, 8.pendant light, 9.bird house.
Mood-board author’s own: Minimalist Serene; 1.outdoor seating, 2.metal étagère/book-case, 3, 4, 5. planters , 6.kilim cushion, 7.rug, 8.floor lamp, 9.candle holder.


In the words of Photographer and author of the book ‘Beyond Bombay Balconies’Ayesha Taleyarkhan, “It’s (balcony) a place close to the heart, a free-for-all space that can be whatever you want it to be.”

Feature picture: LAST LEMON
(All pictures have been either credited to the source / photographer or linked to the original site from which they were taken)