UPHOLSTERED CHAIRS make a space aesthetically intriguing. They are timeless and evolving constantly for wider interior styling options.

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Upholstered chairs have graced spaces in humble homes and palaces alike with élan. Their sophistication and urbanity lend a cohesive feel to the entire space.

Here we decode the world of upholstered chairs as we run you through the options, names and usage of some of their most popular types.

THE TUB / CLUB CHAIR: Versatile and timeless. these are ‘chubby’ chairs that are completely upholstered in fabric or leather, with deep and roomy seats. Optionally detailed with nail-head trim. The conventional form is curved with wood legs, whereas the novel look would be more cubic with polished metal legs.

Best placed in pairs for a cozy nook or alongside a living room sofa.

BUY@/PHOTO from: gulmoharlane.com                 BUY@/PHOTO from: gulmoharlane.com
BUY@/PHOTO from: gulmoharlane.com                        BUY@/PHOTO from: gulmoharlane.com

LAWSON CHAIR: Easy to adapt and comfortable. Comfortable, but not sloppy, the variants of this ‘boxy chic’ form of chair help it gel well with most styles of interior designing. It is a completely upholstered chair, but with a lighter look than the Tub or Club chairs.

A couple of these can complement the sofa in the living room or a single with an ottoman is just as stately.

BUY@/PHOTO from: gulmoharlane.com                           BUY@/PHOTOfrom: redblueyellow.in

THE SLIPPER CHAIR: Effortlessly Victorian to being modern minimalist. The ‘Slipper’ look is armless, upholstered, low seat height with a petite silhouette. It easily adds charm to places with a space crunch.

Best placed near a coffee table or shoe-rack or as a duo in the bedroom.

BUY@/PHOTO from: pepperfry.com                                      BUY@/PHOTO from: freedomtree.in

BARCELONA CHAIR: An icon, a design classic. It was designed by legendary architect Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich. An unadorned chair of “pure structure”. The perfect marriage of form and function. With a stainless steel frame, and a cushioned, Bovine-leather seat and back, it’s a popular choice of design-obsessed homeowners.

To buy the original Barcelona chair, please visit Knoll (copyright holders to the original design since 1965. information source: Wikipedia)

Add style and comfort to any room with any type of interior styling.

BUY@/PHOTO from: fabfurnish.com                                     BUY@/PHOTO from: fabfurnish.com

THE WINGBACK CHAIR: Throne-like and stately. Defined by the signature upholstered winged sides and typical tall back with a generous size. Works well as a counterpart to a large sofa, since it can give the room a sense of balance in scale. Their size and heft make them rather immobile.

A great companion in the study or near the fireplace. Attempt an unassuming use as end chairs at the head and foot of a dining table.

BUY@/PHOTO from: urbanladder.com                                 BUY@/PHOTO from: pepperfry.com
BUY@/PHOTO from: pepperfry.com                                     BUY@/PHOTO from: fabfurnish.com


THE BERGÈRE: Elegant, stately, regal and timeless. A bergère is distinguishable due to its exposed wooden frame encasing an upholstered seat, back and arms. A loose cushion helps to give a relaxed feel.

For use in a bedroom corner, complement it with an ottoman. In the living room, pair it with either a Victorian or a contemporary sofa.

BUY@/PHOTO from: pinakin.in
BUY@/PHOTO from: pepperfry.com                               BUY@/PHOTO from: gulmoharlane.com


FAUTEUIL CHAIR: Graceful and timeless. This open-arm chair has an exposed wood frame except for the arm-rests and an upholstered body. Very close in looks to a bergère. The style originated in France in the early 1700s. Often, the wood frame is painted and sometimes gilded – befitting its original grand settings.

A Fauteuil is a great chair to use at a desk, as a dining or as an accent in a formal living space.

BUY@/PHOTO from: pepperfry.com                                    BUY@/PHOTO from: urbanladder.com

The options for upholstered chairs are copious. They can be easily paired with elements of varied styles and time periods as well.

To share a few more chairs that have amulgamated styles to create a sharp aesthetics.

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