Lets talk about étagère; its role in home styling, its design diversity and why we simply love it!

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Étagère (Noun: /ā-ˌtä-ˈzher, -tə-/; French origin); is in essence a pretty open shelved display unit. It’s a visual delight as a depository of changing trends and personal tastes. Its minimalist framework makes it a versatile piece that can traverse time & space.

Display favorite artworks and décor pieces, and transform a house to a home.

A dope on the usage and retail options:



Photos from & BUY@: 1.fabfurnish; 2.fabfurnish; 3.pepperfry

Photos from & BUY@: 1.Iqrupandritz; 2.fabfurnish; 3.fabfurnish

These étagères with bold, clean, midcentury modern lines and a glam finish, add an architectural element to the room. Add height to a room or use something circular as an eye catcher. Simply use them in pairs and make a statement,.

Style with coffee table books, large sculptural pieces, photo frames or artwork. Use the staggered shelves to display objects of varying heights.


Photos from & BUY@: 1.pepperfry; 2.urbanladder; 3.fabfurnish
Photos from & BUY@: 1.fabfurnish; 2.fabfurnish; 3.fabfurnish

Étagères as independent entities work great as a room divider that can add a graphic statement to the setup. Tall or short, contemporary or modish they behove to be versatile additions to the décor.

Plants, books and colorful curios will render any pale room with a pop of freshness.


Photos from & BUY@: 1.pepperfry; 2.fabfurnish; 3.pepperfry
Photos from & BUY@: 1.pepperfry; 2.fabfurnish; 3.urbanladder

A fresh approach of open shelves with some closed storage, perfect to tuck stuff away. It’s a great option for a media room, study or the entryway. A splash of color to the cabinetry ups the level of engagement as an beguiling piece of décor.


Photos from & BUY@: 1.fabfurnish; 2.fabfurnish; 3.fabfurnish
Photos from & BUY@: 1.pepperfry; 2.pepperfry; 3.pepperfry

If you are a fan of a minimal or industrial-chic look, then these are the perfect go tos. In subtle wood or strong metal, both ways these étagères are basic, sturdy and versatile. The simplicity of the lines allow it to showcase all sorts of things.


Photos from & BUY@: 1.Fabfurnish; 2.fabfurnish; 3.fabfurnish
Photos from & BUY@: 1.urbanladder; 2.urbanladder; 3.pepperfry

A home steeped with the Indian décor style has much to gain from these options in étagères. The modernized frame lend a traditional-with-a-twist but clean look. Accessorize a corner or a wall with collectibles from the heartland of India or pretty kitchen-gadgetry heirlooms.

Get one to suit your taste and décor. Explore endless styling options and have fun!

Styling of étagères
Well styled book-cases
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